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Peixe is brimming with the essence of traditional music seen from a contemporary point of view and performed from a clear 21st Century angle. It proudly portrays an age dominated by new technology whilst maintaining a true respect for the value that our purest ancestral traditions still hold.


Peixe speaks about all that we wish to be but dare not hope for… and who we really are but wish not to be.


Peixe speaks about the acceptance of our lineal existence, leaving regret far behind us.


Peixe is understanding that between us and the furthest point that we can see on the horizon, there are no cages that can enclose us.


Peixe is each and every one of us: unique and inimitable.


Of course, the band's musicians are noteworthy: Artur Puga (traditional percussion, voice and dance), Martiño Malleiro (accordion, clarinet and voice), Carlos Quinta (violin, synthesizer, percussion and traditional voice) Xan Pérez (winds, percussion, voice and traditional dance), Xosé Liz (bouzuki arrangements, requinta, mandolin, traditional percussion and vocals), Jose Manuel Díaz (double bass), Miguel Fraile (Spanish and electric guitars) and Iago Ramilo (soprano saxophone, baritone and alto, percussion and voice traditional). All spiced with the mastery, chords, melodies and rhythms, of old melodies brought to this modernity today, emphasizing the contemporaneity of folk with extreme love and care not to affect its intrinsically danceable character.


 A mass of musical kisses thickened by the artistic leaven embodied in the wonderful arrangements of the master and great musician Carlos Quinta.


But no less important is the management team: Itziar Quesada (Executive Production), Merchi Pérez (Production and Management), Carlos Veleiro (Community Manager), Marta Enríquez (Merchandising), Enya Casal and Marcos Iglesias (Photography), Jose Comesaña Graphic design), Sara Bonner (Translations), Edu Ortiz (technical support) and the professionals of `Amphilocos´ (web design, graphic and networking),` BeaBesada homestudio´ (video creation and editing) and `Nalgures Producións´ (Production and representation).


Within the PEIXE project we also enjoy the collaboration of experienced and talented musicians.


Among them are people like Úrsula Rial (ETRAD), Fran Lúcas (Coetus), Pepe Vaamonde (Pepe Vaamonde Grupo), Pablo Doval (Liño do Cuco), Aida Tarrío (Tanxugueiras), Alba Faro (SonDeSeu), Diego Calviño, Diego Cabaleiro e Iván Blanco (O Fiadeiro), Rodrigo Romaní (founder of Milladoiro, Director of ETRAD and SonDeSeu folk orchestra), Alasdair Fraser (Fiddler and Scottish composer located in California and responsible for film soundtracks like ‘The last of the Mohicans’ and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’), Natalie Haas (Californian cello teacher at Berkeley School of Music and musical ally to Alasdair).

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