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“Peixe” by Xisco Feijóo and “Andorinhas” by Ana Moura, best Galician and Portuguese songs in the aRi[t]mar awards

This year's edition of the aRi[t]mar awards already has winners in the categories of Best Song of the Year 2021 in Galicia and Best Song of the Year 2021 in Portugal. The 5,500 votes cast by the public via the Internet decided that "Peixe", by Xisco Feijóo, and "Andorinhas", by Ana Moura, should be chosen.


The winning songs were selected from ten finalist Galician songs and as many Portuguese songs. The second and third most voted songs in the Galician category were, respectively, “Pobo de Artistas” by Dakidarría, and “Maneo de Cambre”, by Caamaño & Ameixeiras. In the Portuguese category, the second and third most voted songs were "Estou por tudo", by Miguel Araújo, and "Eco", by Carolina Deslandes.



Xisco is well known as a singer, award-winning dancer, choreographer, television presenter, teacher at the ETRAD school of music and coordinator for the vocal section of SonDeSeu folk orchestra.

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