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Xisco Feijoó presents Peixe live in Vigo,

Pontevedra and the Morrazo Interceltic.

Vigo, July 23, 2021.- Singer and dancer Xisco Feijoó will present next week  live, in Galicia, his first record, Peixe. There will be three appointments in which you can enjoy, live, an album and a show that provides a contemporary perspective on the music of collective creation. Vigo, the Festivities of the Pilgrim of Pontevedra and the Interceltic Festival of Moaña will be the first three stops of this tour, which augurs joy, pride and contemporaneity.

With Peixe, Xisco Feijoó aims to provide, from his particular point of view, a bold, modern and contemporary vision of the music of Galician collective creation. The album, composed of ten songs, highlights the role of the traditional song, of which the artist emphasizes his own identity and meaning, and on which he relies on a story with autobiographical overtones and connected by a common axis: a human diversity.

“Peixe talks about feelings, sensations, desires and desires. He talks about everything we want to be and we are not who we are. And of what we are and do not desire. He speaks of acceptance, of leaving behind resignation, and of understanding that, among us, there are no cages or fishponds that close us down. We are each one of us, unique and unrepeatable, ”says Xisco Feijoó.

The first concert will take place in Vigo next Monday, July 26. The appointment will be in the parish of Beade, in the Church of San Estevo, and will begin at 21.00 hours. Next week's second date  will be in Morrazo: Xisco Feijoó will perform on July 31, at 10.30 pm, at the XXXVII Interceltic Festival of O Morrazo, in Moaña. Finally, on August 9, the singer and dancer will perform in the Plaza de la Ferrería (22.00 hours), in Pontevedra, as part of a new edition of the Festas da Peregrina.

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